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After have been staying in Thailande, I will now stay for some month in Vientiane, Laos.

I will use this time to promote the developpement of the Laotian Wikipedia with the help of the Centre de langue Francaise of Vientiane and the Campus numerique of Vientiane.

I will organise, in association with these stucture, a presentation of the Wikipedia project for the franco-laotian student. This event will take place in the biggining of december at the Centre de langue francaise. In this perpective, all people interested by Wikipedia and his laotian branch, will be well-pleased to contact me on my discussion page here.

This presentation will apend on Wednesday, December 7th at 2 P.M. in the "Centre de Langue francaise" Vientiane
Due to technicals problems, the presentation is postponed to Tuesday, december 13 th.

Siren-Lo 09:08, ໖ December ໒໐໐໕ (UTC)

    • Compte rendu de la présentation du projet Wikipédia effectué à Vientiane dans le journal local Le Rénovateur ( :
  • Report of the présentation of Wikipedia project in Vientiane on December 13th :

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