A propos du Wikipedia LaoEdit

Salut Siren,

Bonne initiative ! Le projet est en sommeil et a justement besoin de contributeurs motivés :)
Ne parlant pas lao, je pourrai difficilement me rendre utile... sauf dans certaines tâches de maintenance (n'hésite pas à me contacter).

Pour démarrer, je t'invite à demander le statut de sysop sur m:Requests for permissions (ça te permettra notamment de traduire les principaux messages de l'espace Mediawiki). Je t'invite également à consulter la page m:Help:How to start a new Wikipedia.

A+ Korg ໐໖:໔໐, ໑໐ November ໒໐໐໕ (UTC)

Par ailleurs, je t'invite à lancer un appel à contributeurs sur les bistros des principaux wikis (en:, ja:...) et sur la mailing list.
Concernant la présentation du projet, tu trouveras quelques ressources à cette adresse. Korg ໐໗:໐໒, ໑໐ November ໒໐໐໕ (UTC)

Suite à des problèmes techniques,la présentations est repoussée au Mardi 13 décembre 14 heures. Siren-Lo 09:05, ໖ December ໒໐໐໕ (UTC)

Reply from TuinuiEdit

Dear Siren-Lo

Thank you too for trying to help us. I have come to see this intersting site a few months ago and began to think that this might be a way to help my fellow Laotian to catch up with the rest of the world in terms of information.

Though I myself am also a programmer but I find it very hard to find out how to do what here. I am trying to understand the whole picture of this system while keep adding a few articles a day. So it would be very helpful if you can be more specific on what you want me to do.



Reply from ThaiEdit

  • Thank you for your warning but the picture that i loaded to wikipedia is the picture that i've already asked its owner. [i found it on Thai temple's website , Thai monk sent it to webmaster and i've asked webmaster already, If you don't believe i can send you her email that she reply me today.]
  • Thank you very much for 'Commons data base'
  • Ok Thanks. Now my school is still in holiday but not long time. My school will open next week and I must pay attention with lessons and I will not have time to create many new articles like this moment.

--ຄນໄທ ໑໔:໕໖, ໖ May ໒໐໐໖ (UTC)

About administrative powerEdit

Dear Siren-Lo. Sorry for having been away for sometime. I had just been busy settling my private matters. Now I am back and ready to concentrate more on Lao version of Wikipedia. I have been posting many articles recently while also learning how to organize things in Wikipedia. Now I want the menu on the left to be translated into Lao, can you help? I have aready done so by request from a person in my talk page but he/she doesn't have the permission to do so as well. If possible I want you to contact your friend (as you said earlier) to translate the menu on the left using data on my talk page. One more thing is I am interested in having administrative power in order to get more involved, so can you tell me what do I need to have or be to apply for that? merci. J'apprends le français maintenant et essaye de rappeler ce que j'ai eu pour apprendre dans le lycée junior. (Tuinui ໐໘:໕໕, ໓໑ January ໒໐໐໗ (UTC))