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(Lao laws do not belong here)
(→‎Lao laws do not belong here: point to correct link target; re-sign)
== Lao laws do not belong here ==
Almost all of [[Special:Contributions/Allbooks|your recent contributions]] to this wiki are the full texts of laws, which would be considered "out of scope" for this project (in other words, those pages do not belong in an encyclopedia like this one). If the content can be properly licensed (under the [[:en:Wikipedia:Text of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License|CC BY-SA 3.0 License]] and the [[:en:Wikipedia:Text of the GNU Free Documentation License|GFDL]] — which would include citing the source of the texts, which you have not done, as far as I can tell), then they belong in a Lao ''Wikisource'', not a Lao ''Wikipedia''. Unfortunately, the Wikimedia Foundation does not currently have a Lao Wikisource, either as a standalone wiki (i.e., "lo.wikisource.org") nor as a subwiki at the [[s:mul:|Multilingual Wikisource]]. Thus, it would appear that these contributions do not currently have a home at any Wikimedia content wiki. '''Please stop uploading these texts''' until you can find a wiki that will accept them. I have started a discussion about this matter at [[s:muloldwikisource:Wikisource:Scriptorium#Lao laws]], since that wiki would be the most likely one to take these texts. I invite you to participate in that discussion. - [[ຜູ້ໃຊ້:Dcljr|dcljr]] ([[ສົນທະນາຂອງຜູ້ໃຊ້:Dcljr|talk]]) ໐໑:໔໑໔໕, ໗ ເມສາ ໒໐໑໙ (UTC)