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(→‎Answer form Allbooks: reply: not all Lao text belongs in the Lao Wikipedia, only encyclopedia articles)
(→‎Answer form Allbooks: for more information…)
And Laos laws are in Lao language so that they should be in lo.wikipedia.org.
: (I am now going to assume you read English well enough to understand this message.) Speaking only for myself, I do not, in fact, read Lao. I am relying on Google Translate to understand any Lao text I come across. Secondly, you are correct that I am not an admin. However, you are ''wrong'' if you think that you can post "anything" you want to this wiki simply because it has no admins. [[m:Stewards|Stewards]] can perform administrative actions (including blocking users) on wikis with no admins. If you continue to create pages in this wiki (Wikipedia) that belong instead in Wikisource, you may find yourself blocked from editing, at least temporarily. However, ''that doesn't need to happen'' because you can simply '''post those legal texts in the Wikimedia wiki where they belong, which is [[oldwikisource:|the Multilingual Wikisource]]''' (i.e., the Wikisource for languages that do not currently have their own standalone wiki). Simply put: not all Lao text belongs in the Lao Wikipedia; only Lao ''encyclopedia articles'' belong here. Previously published "source texts", like laws, belong in Wikisource. Now, if lo.wikisource.org existed, then ''that'' would be the place for Lao legal texts. But there is no lo.wikisource.org, therefore they belong at [[oldwikisource:|wikisource.org]]. - [[ຜູ້ໃຊ້:Dcljr|dcljr]] ([[ສົນທະນາຂອງຜູ້ໃຊ້:Dcljr|talk]]) ໐໕:໒໖, ໑໘ ເມສາ ໒໐໑໙ (UTC)
:: For more background information about the Wikimedia Foundation and its wikis, please see [[:en:Wikimedia Foundation]] (especially the "[[:en:Wikimedia Foundation#Content projects|Content projects]]" section of that article) and [[:en:Wikisource]]. - [[ຜູ້ໃຊ້:Dcljr|dcljr]] ([[ສົນທະນາຂອງຜູ້ໃຊ້:Dcljr|talk]]) ໐໕:໕໒, ໑໘ ເມສາ ໒໐໑໙ (UTC)