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Article count
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(Article count)
On a Firefox on Windows setup I can see the lao fonts in bold, italics and bold italics but not in normal setup. It's probably a bogus fonts installed; but I don't know how to found it; so in the meantime I've forced everythng to bold in my user css, look at [[User:Srtxg/monobook.css]].
It's a bit ugly with all that bold faces, but the text shows properly; maybe if you have the same setup you could try it? -- [[User:Srtxg|Srtxg]] ໑໘:໔໔, ໘ November ໒໐໐໕ (UTC)
== Article count ==
Could someone who reads this language please link the article count (the template <nowiki>{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}</nowiki> and the word "article", if adjacent to the number) to [[Special:Statistics]] so that people like me, who don't read the language, can still tell it's the article count? Oh, and please make them both '''bold''' to make it stand out better. I would try it myself but, not knowing the grammar of the language, I might end up linking the wrong word. - [[User:Dcljr|dcljr]] 10:19, ໑໙ January ໒໐໐໖ (UTC)